About Milner Ecology Ltd

Milner Ecology Ltd was established in April 2007 as an independent ecological consultancy with the aim of providing expert advice to the public and private sectors throughout the UK.

The company was established to meet an increasing need for a targeted and pragmatic approach to the diversity of ecological issues encountered during development projects. The company is committed to maintaining professional standards and is registered with The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and the Society for the Environment

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Our Services

Environmental Law

Negotiating the minefield of environmental legislation can be a tricky process... Not only are there many questions...

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Ecological Survey & Assessment

At Milner Ecology Ltd we believe that understanding the ecological issues of any project is fundamental...

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Ecological Impact Assessment

The purpose of impact assessment is to ensure that decision-makers take account of the possible negative or positive...

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Ecological Clerk of Works

A key consideration for large-scale projects is ensuring environmental commitments made during the planning or EIA...

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BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the most widely used...

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Project Management

Milner Ecology Ltd has the knowledge and experience to provide the project management and support required to ensure the ecological elements of your project come in on time and within budget.

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Latest News

05 Jul 18

Milner Ecology Takes on its 500th Project!

Milner Ecology has been commissioned by Yorkshire Water to carry out Great Crested Newt Surveys for a proposed sewage pipeline to a new development in Leeds. The surveys involved torching several recently created ponds and found greatpeak numbers across the survey season. Both Great Crested and Smooth newt were found on the site along with common frogs and toads. Further capture surveys are proposed to the works site in the coming months and potential monitoring to ensure these great numbers are retained after the temporary works have completed.

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25 May 18

Red squirrel and Dormouse Training in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Rozanna recently spent a day in the Yorkshire dales learning about the management and promotion of the new red squirrel route through Snaizeholme. The course was run jointly by the National Park and CIEEM and involved a morning walking through the trail and observing the very friendly squirrels on and around the feeder. The afternoon was then spent in the Dales Museum learning about the Dormouse reintroduction and monitoring at Freeholders wood. A great day all round learning about the rare and elusive creatures right on our doorstep.

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28 Feb 14

200th Project

Milner Ecology has just been commissioned to undertake our 200th project since founding the company in 2007 and it is our most local job yet! We have been commissioned to undertake a preliminary roost inspection for bats at Skipton Town Hall by Craven District Council to enable renovation works to be undertaken.

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13 Dec 13

Milner Ecology is Licensed to Undertake Bat Surveys

Ben is now registered with Natural England to hold a Class Survey Licence WML CL17 (Bat Survey Level 1). This licence permits the surveying of bats by observation only but is sufficient for the majority of surveys.

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29 Nov 13

Milner Ecology Ltd helps fund Yorkshire Pine Marten Project

Milner Ecology has become a sponsor of the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project. NatureSpy is running an ambitious project to capture the first ever image of a wild pine marten living in Yorkshire. The project will use wildlife camera traps which trigger when a wild animal passes in front of them, snapping a picture or video.

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04 Apr 13

IEEM Receives Royal Charter

The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) has been granted a Royal Charter. The new Charter was enacted on 1st April 2013, from which date IEEM became the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). CIEEM members now belong to a professional body recognised for its work by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and which operates under the scrutiny of the Privy Council, ensuring the very highest of professional standards.

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