Jungle Trek in ThailandMr Ben Milner BSc (Hons) CEnv MCIEEM, Milner Ecology's founder and Principal Ecologist, is a Chartered Environmentalist with over twelve years experience in environmental consultancy. As a result of his experience as a consultant ecologist with both AMEC Earth & Environmental (UK) Ltd and the Environmental Advice Centre Ltd, where he undertook a wide range of environmental projects, he brings an in-depth understanding of ecological constraints and practical, achievable solutions.

He has been involved in over 350 environmental projects including pipelines, highways, housing, leisure and retail. Involvement in projects encompassing a wide range of environmental issues brings an in-depth understanding of both ecological constraints and practical, achievable solutions. This enables a pragmatic approach towards balancing the often conflicting needs of the environment and development.

Ben has significant experience in the field of environmental management and project supervision, particularly on large scale projects such as cross country pipelines and electricty sub-stations for which he holds EUSR Energy & Utility Skills certification (CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme affiliated). Bens particular strength is the ability to understand and advise on projects from initial conception, throughout the planning process to on-site supervision of construction activities and mitigation measures.

Ben also has considerable expertise in field surveys and the licensing/mitigation requirements for protected species. He has held development licences for great crested newt from both Natural England and the Welsh Assembly Government and holds survey licences for great crested newt for the whole UK. Ben has provided project management/supervision for works under protected species licenses during the construction phases of several projects involving sub-contractors and construction personnel. This includes the installation of amphibian, reptile and water vole exclusion fencing and the associated capture programmes, construction of ponds, installation of badger gates as part of sett closures, habitat enhancement for water vole and supervision of works within sensitive habitats.

In addition, Milner Ecology Ltd belongs to a wide network of independent ecologists with specialist experience of rare groups such as invertebrates, bats and breeding birds. These can be called on to ensure that all projects are undertaken by staff with the appropriate licenses and skills for each occasion.