Improved Access to Wrexham Industrial Estate

In a previous role Ben Milner was involved with the DRMB Volume 11 Stage I, II and III level surveys for the 500m route corridor of a new 7.6km access road to Wrexham Industrial Estate on behalf of Wrexham County Borough Council/Symonds Plc. The study area contained 124 great crested newt breeding ponds and four main badger setts which were subject to potential disturbance and severance caused by the road. In order to ensure the retention of these ecologically valuable species, the reports contained detailed and complex mitigation measures including habitat creation areas and underpasses.

Surveys included; Phase 1 Habitat survey of entire site, localised NVC survey of botanically rich areas, HEGS hedgerow assessment on 50 hedgerows, reptile survey, breeding bird surveys, otter, water vole and kingfisher surveys, a Bait Marking Survey of badger setts to assess severance/disturbance caused by the road and CCW Level III survey of all 189 ponds within 500m of the route corridor.