orchid-meadowAs environmental compliance has become more complex, organisations have found that it becomes more difficult to handle the environmental and ecological demands of projects. Ecological legislation and environmental awareness have substantially altered the way that building and construction projects are configured. Organisations can turn to Milner Ecology Ltd to provide the skills to oversee all parts of these demands as the overall project goes through the different stages of information gathering, planning, implementation and completion. Milner Ecology Ltd is proud of its reputation for delivering projects on time and to budget.
D9 dozer Milner Ecology Ltd has the experience, skills and resources to oversee all parts of the process. This includes advising on the environmental parts of project planning, managing survey work, co-ordinating mitigation, acting as an environmental clerk of works, overseeing contractors and providing ecological training to personnel through to monitoring and assessment of results after the project has been implemented.

Milner Ecology Ltd specialises in delivering complete environmental and ecological solutions. Our specialised experience and access to environmental resources mean that we are particularly well-placed to act as the lead co-ordinator in projects, no matter how large or small they may be.

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