Milner Ecology Ltd helps fund Yorkshire Pine Marten Project

29, Nov 13

Milner Ecology has become a sponsor of the Yorkshire Pine Marten Project. NatureSpy is running an ambitious project to capture the first-ever image of a wild pine marten living in Yorkshire. The project will use wildlife camera traps which trigger when a wild animal passes in front of them, snapping a picture or video.

The pine marten has never been officially recorded alive in Yorkshire, although there are regular sightings. A dead pine marten was discovered by a roadside here in 1993. If successful, it is believed it would be the first time a pine marten has been pictured living in Yorkshire and only the second time in England.

If, as suspected, they are found to be living here it would mean that the second-rarest carnivorous mammal in the UK calls Yorkshire home. This will mean that it will be possible to:

- Focus conservation efforts where pine marten are found
- Begin to estimate how many are living there
- Adapt forest management to benefit pine marten
- Raise awareness of the pine marten's plight and status