Ecological Survey & Assessment

At Milner Ecology Ltd we believe that understanding the ecological issues of any project is fundamental to effective planning and decision making. Our experience makes us the ideal partner for assessing your environmental and ecological needs. Not only do we offer a full range of surveying and assessment techniques, but you get our total commitment to making these work for you, and to providing the best quality of service.

We carefully asses each project individually and undertake only those services which the project requires. Our assessments cover a wide area of environmental and ecological elements such as:

- Phase 1 Habitat surveys
- Phase 2 ecological surveys 

National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

- Hedgerow Survey
- River Corridor Survey
- Amphibian survey
- Reptile Survey
- Badger Survey
- Otter Survey
- Water Vole Survey
- Dormouse Survey
- White-Clawed Crayfish Survey
- Bird Survey

All surveys are undertaken in accordance with methodologies recommended in the CIEEM Guidance on Survey Methodolgies (2013) and other emerging standards from CIEEM. It is also important to undertake surveys at the correct time of year in order to avoid potential delays at the planning application stage. See our survey calendar for optimal survey periods.

These surveys provide valuable information to support planning applications. They can identify potential habitats for protected species, and any constraints that might impact on a project – all of which can help avoid costly delays later.

Our experience allows us to assess the ecological baseline of a site and to develop creative ways this might be enhanced as projects are developed. As well as supplying the initial report, we will also provide you with recommendations and ways of implementing those recommendations that work naturally and in an environmentally friendly manner.