Protected Species Licensing

We offer a comprehensive survey and assessment service covering all plant and animal groups including those specifically protected by UK and European wildlife legislation. We hold handling and disturbance licences for a range of protected species.

The presence of protected species is a material consideration for planning authorities when determining planning applications. Surveys must be undertaken at the correct time of year to ensure an accurate baseline and must be undertaken prior to submission.

Initial and dedicated surveys allow us to determine whether a population of a particular species is present in the local environment and to advise our clients on licensing requirements and the most suitable form of mitigation to allow projects to proceed.

Species covered include:

- Great crested newt
- Badger
- Otter
- Water Vole
- Dormouse
- White-clawed Crayfish

This is a core area of Milner Ecology's activity and we believe we can provide the best advice and guidance to our clients available.